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Cheat Free Fire Auto Headshot Bellara Mod Apk 2020

Cheat Free Fire Auto Headshot  Bellara Mod Apk 2020

Cheat Free Fire Auto Headshot Bellara Mod Apk 2020

Bellara VIP FF is a Free Fire cheat application that is still widely used. It is undeniable, until now there are still people who use cheats in a game that is widely played by many people.

Even though there is a threat of suspension and permanent banned, it doesn't seem to make players worry about using cheat FF. Including Belara FF's cheat mod apk.

What is the capability of the Bellara VIP FF application? Then, is the use of Bellara apk cheat safe? Is there a risk of danger behind it? Please refer to the following review before you download and use this Bellara apk!

For some players may be familiar with the Free Fire cheat application on this one. Bellara VIP is an application that can be used to cheat in gamesFF

Its function is quite a lot, and this is one of the reasons why this application is very popular and widely used. Here are some things you can do with Belara VIP:

  • Speed ​​hacks, including Sonic Speed ​​x25
  • Aim hack, starting from aim bot, aim spot, aim shoot, aim zoom
  • Auto headshot: Automatic Head Shot
  • Aim Fov: Aim automatically leads to Enemy
  • No recoil
  • Anti logs
  • Aim Ignore knoked: Aim Don't shoot Enemy the Knocked
  • Aim Ignore Behind wall: Aim Don't Shoot Enemy behind the Wall
  • ESP hack: Activate this feature for all ESPs
  • ESP Line: Marker Line
  • ESP Distance: Enemy Distance
  • ESP Box: Enemy is checked box
  • ESP Lazer line 007: Determine the direction of shots that might be affordable
  • Run With Medkit: Using the Medkit While Running
  • Teleport Pro ++: Move as fast as lightning
  • Night Mode
  • Unbanned
  • Rain Bulled
  • And much more

This application is usually available on various illegal sites and is provided free of charge. But even though it looks tempting with some of its features, you should consider a few things below.

Is the Bellara VIP Mod cheat safe?

Cheat Free Fire Auto Headshot Bellara Mod Apk 2020
Shimada Hayato chars Free fire 
Cheat Free Fire Auto Headshot  Bellara Mod Apk 2020

The use of cheats is prohibited in the rules of ff game play! Using cheats can indeed make you win easily. But this can have an impact on your account, yourself, up to the Free Fire game ecosystem itself you know.

Garena itself has a program to eradicate cheater players and always patrols online to find those who use fraud.

Although it looks safe, because of the Unbanned feature that can prevent you from being suspended, Garena still has a programmer that is no less sophisticated.

Just last week, the Anti-Hack Operations Team permanently banned 89,600 accounts caught using modified scripts / programs.

Dangers of Using Cheat Free Fire

The use of cheats with third-party applications has a risk that you can not underestimate you know. The impact starts from the security of your FF account to the leak of your personal data.

When your FF account has been detected using a cheat, then Garena will immediately suspend until the account permanently banned. In addition there is also the risk of personal data leakage.

This leak can occur, because the Bellara cheat application could have been infiltrated by malware by its creator. Through the virus, the application maker will break into the device you are using.

If you want to use it please download the vip free fire cheat below

How to Install cheat vip free fire

1. Rename

Android- Data- com.dts.freefireth
Android-Obb- com.dts.freefireth

2 . Just add a mark or a number of letters you like.

3 . Then Uninstall the Free Fire Ori

4 . Then Install the vip cheat free fire Mod Apk Bellara, Do not immediately open after completing install Defeat you Rename again to the original

5 . Next, please open the app Free Fire Mod apk his Bellara Then do not forget to allow, enter the username and password with bellara

Congratulations you've been able to use the app FF VIP Bellara these

risks borne by each Writer Not Advise you use it.

cheat vip free fire Link Google Drive

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