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Surge was nerfed !!!!! - brawl stars mobile

in the latest update, Supercell has balanced several brawlers in the brawl stars game, both buff and nerf against certain brawlers, of course this has an effect on the use of brawlers which are commonly used by some players. 

Before discussing it further, I will briefly describe the changes made to several brawlers Balance changes and improvements! In this short;

maintenance we will make changes to:
• Fixed an issue where mega monsters did not attack players when angry when 75% of their health was remaining
• The super fight now ends in defeat if the maximum server time is reached 13 minutes and the mega monsters have not been defeated
• Crow-duration of slow poison increased from 2.5 seconds to 3.5 seconds Gale - main attack damage reduced from 320 to 280 per hit, and super charge rate reduced from 10 hits to 12 hits (120)
• Mr. P - marakas health was reduced from 2800 to 2200, and poster health was reduced from 1500 to 1400
• Piper - shot range reduced by 15% Surge - health reduced from 3100 to 2800, and main attack bullet split range reduced by 25%

Wow, a very significant balancing, especially for surge users, the main attack is reduced by 25%. !! Previously, Surge was too OP, with its attack at level 2 alone, it was able to provide 1568 such large damage then it could split into 2 parts in its 1st change mode.

With such circumstances it is possible to counter attack brawler short and medium range brawlers such as bibi, bulls, nani and others before they can approach the surge itself.

But with a nerf that can be said to be very drastic, surge players maybe have more difficulty than before, who had become the king of brawlers in hunting game mode.

Likewise gale, the chromatic brawler which is like a surge also gets nerfed in the balancing this time, two chromatic brawlers that have recently been released have just been nerfed, guys.

For now, the crow that gets a fairly high buff is the slow effect of 2.5 seconds plus 1 second, up to 3.5 seconds. 
of course this can be a mainstay for players to counter brawlers who have low HP or health, plus jumps with super attacks that can enter and easily eliminate opponents who have low HP, very good guys,

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