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This is how objects work in Master Tactics

This is how objects work in Master Tactics

This is how objects work in Master Tactics

Master Tactics is League of Legends mode based on Auto Chess. After almost a week on the PBE, the moment of its official launch is approaching the different regional servers of the Riot Games MOBA.

Among its multiple mechanics  one of the objects stands out, which is based on eight base objects - each of which enhances a statistic - and multiple combinations between them to generate objects more complex.

You can see all the possible combinations in the following infographic developed by William 'Scarra' Li, former professional gamer and currently streamer.


Empowered items grant the stats of the two base items, plus a bonus that can make a difference by granting powerful characteristics to the champion who wears it equipped.

The objects' fusion order does not affect the result, so it does not matter which of the two parts you put first. Of course, when you merge them, they will stay like that forever, so if you sell the champion who carries the object, you will not recover the initial parts but the full version of the object.

Another aspect that you should keep in mind is that if a champion has a base object equipped, the next one you put on it will automatically merge with the first one, so if you want to apply two to it to obtain one of these combinations, you will have to be careful.

A good way to get around this is to buy a champion you don't need, put it on him, and then sell it so you can apply the full item.

Each champion can have a maximum of three items, so you will have to carefully choose which effects you want it to have and which you think best match the champion's strengths or combine best with your active class and origin bonuses.

Among the base objects, the Spatula stands out, an object that alone does not create anything but gives powerful bonuses when merging with others.

Most of their combinations result in the champion obtaining an extra class or origin (Assassin, Swordsman, Sorcerer, Demon, Knight, and Glacial), although another allows the basic attacks to affect two extra targets and two spatulas together grant the possibility to align an extra unit on the board.

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